Audio description

Audio description is an audio support intended for people with visual impairment.

Caption Group is the industry leader, delivering over 17,000 hours of audio description in English and Spanish each year.

Perceive and understand the scene
in a natural way

  • The purpose of audio description is for visually impaired people to receive information that is exposed in the content and that cannot be deciphered from the dialog, such as a shadow on the window or an intruder hiding in the scene.

All our audio description productions are compatible and comply with Netflix and Amazon Prime guidelines and quality standards.



of audio description (AD and ADI) each year

We are the leading company in audio description in Spanish and English

How does it work?

The service is provided live and can be heard by activating the SAP channel (Second Audio Program)

How do we work?

At Caption Group, we have a very large team of voice talents, who are specially trained to do audio descriptions.

Planning assistance

You can hire our assistance service during the production or post-production of the material. We work with a series of good practices that can help you plan your audio description efficiently.


Here we show you a fragment of the film “The Secret in Their Eyes” with audio description.

> Close your eyes and you will “see” the scene with your ears.

Suspense/Mystery ‧ 2h 9m
Director: Juan José Campanella

Simple Language (ADI)

By simple language, we mean texts with basic grammatical structure, not extensive and without technical terms. Caption Group provides simple language services in news, public service and institutional programs for television. The interpretation in simple language is aimed at people with cognitive difficulties to understand complex content.
This practice adds to the Caption Group’s range of accessibility resources

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