Sign Language

It is a service aimed at the deaf community, people with hearing loss and those who interact with deaf people on a daily basis.

Caption Group offers the interpretation service in Argentine Sign Language (LSA) for live news and events, such as congresses, workshops, etc. in person and through streaming platforms (Zoom, Meet and others).
We also work with pre-recorded video content with hearing or deaf interpreters, such as, for example, institutional videos, promotions, instructions, among others.

We are experts in accessibility

  • Changes in accessibility regulations and recommendations for hearing-impaired viewers require a very rigorous level of market surveillance. We are particularly interested in keeping up to date with changes in this language (idioms, neologisms, chronolects, etc.) because we know that the periodic incorporation of new signs has a positive impact on the quality of interpretation.



interpretations to LSA per year

How do we work?

All our work teams are made up of the following:

  • Deaf mediator – native speaker and active member of the community.
  • LSA interpreter
  • LSA Interpreter – Coordinator

Our commitment to the deaf community is to ensure accessibility and respond effectively to their needs.


In this excerpt, shown without audio to replicate the user experience, you can see how the presence of the sign language interpreter impacts the deaf viewer.

TVP – 2021

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Caption Group is a company that produces subtitling services with simultaneous translation, closed captioning (CC), audio description (AD), sign language (SL) and electronic subtitling in Spanish.

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