Simultaneous Translation
(Voice-Over + Subtitling)

Reach more people with our Simultaneous Translation services (Voice-Over and Subtitling) for meetings, webinars or live conferences.

  • Reach more people all over the planet at the same time.
  • Save costs on training trips or other types of events.
  • Talk to your audience in their language.

We offer three versions

  • Live translation and subtitling.
  • Simultaneous interpretation via audio.
  • A combination of both.

How does it work?

  • Our team of interpreters translates in real time.
  • In the case of subtitling, the translated text appears on the client´s streaming platform of choice.
  • In the case of interpreting, the interpreter´s voice is added to the audio.


  • Works with Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live and other platforms.
  • We are specialists in English, Spanish and Portuguese, in all their combinations.

More benefits

  • It is easy to implement on any platform. It works on all your devices.

Watch the Caption Group service
in action.


Live Subtitling

In this case, it is a bilingual English-Spanish event. When the speaker speaks in English, the subtitles appear in Spanish and vice versa.

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Reach more people around the world and speak their language.

Caption Group is a company that produces subtitling services with simultaneous translation, closed captioning (CC), audio description (AD), sign language (SL) and electronic subtitling in Spanish.

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