Accessible Theaters

Caption Group developed an audiovisual accessibility system for theaters for the blind, deaf and hard of hearing.

Accessibility to the theater

As experts in audiovisual accessibility, we constantly participate in the Accessible Theater project of the San Martín Theater Friends´ Foundation. We offer a range of services aimed at enabling people with disabilities to enjoy a theatrical performance.
Our technical team works during each theater performance to guarantee the provision of each service with the proper timing.

Our holistic view of accessible theater projects leads us to the final product, which is the accessible play, but it also leads us to concrete actions in all the areas that are affected by cultural change.

Audiovisual accessibility is inclusive as far as the public is concerned but it is also inclusive in the theatrical production chain and in the link with the entities that bring together groups of people with disabilities.



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Range of services

Audio Introduction

The audio introduction for the blind consists of a QR code included in the program in Braille that enables access to an audio menu that describes the protagonists of the play, a synopsis of the plot, the scenery and the description of the protagonists and costumes.

Audio Description

Audio description for the blind is a secondary auditory programming transmitted by FM to headphones, where significant gestures, movements, events and scenarios in the visual aspect are narrated, to provide adequate information that allows the scene to be understood.


The adapted surtitling for the deaf offers the transcription of the dialogs and the identification of characters through colors, sound information and dialog intonation.

Argentine Sign Language Interpreters

We adapt the texts of the plays to the Argentine Sign Language (LSA) for the deaf audience. We have an experienced team of professional interpreters with artistic and acting training who perform the interpretation on stage.

Visual – tactile visit

It is an organized visit, prior to the accessible show, where you can touch elements of costumes, props, walk through the stage and talk to the protagonists of the show that you will later attend. It is designed for the blind and the deaf, with specialized guides and LSA interpreters.

Voice Dubbing

The complexity of some plays also requires their interlinguistic accessibility. For these cases, we have an excellent team of theater actors with extensive experience in voice dubbing to adjust the required characters and their imprints and emotions.

Caption Group Supplemental Services


We design and conduct training workshops for theater staff.
Accessibility is a cultural change that crosses all areas of a theater organization and requires awareness and training for good practices in dealing with the blind and the deaf. These workshops are designed and taught in collaboration with institutions such as FAICA and Copidis.


In this demo, we show fragments of different plays with accessibility services (audio description and subtitling). Caption Group performs this service in the theater during the show.

An initiative of the San Martín Theater Friends´ Foundation, with advice from Caption Group.

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